Mixed Yoga Classes in Udaipur

Mixed Yoga consists of different styles of yoga, learn different poses and asanas for strength, flexibility and relaxation. Book a course now and our experts will work hard with you to attain your general fitness.


  • A general introduction of Yoga.
  • Warm-up exercises before doing Yoga.
  • Aasans like Tadasana, Chakravakasana, dandasana etc.
  • Sukshm Vyayam.
  • Pranayam or Breathing Exercises.
  • Aasan variations.
  • Surya Namaskar.
  • Relaxing Exercises.
  • Diet Plans.
  • Indvidual Specific Exercises and poses.
  • Diet plan, what to eatc and what not.


  • A calm, clean, noise free and comfortable environment.
  • A Yoga Mat.
  • Dress should be appropriate.
  • A notebook to record steps at the initial stages.
  • Music System (Optional).

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