Origami Classes in Udaipur


Origami is the art of paper folding and making beautiful art of it. Take the course and learn everything about origami. Enroll, learn and create beautiful paper art.
  • Easy
    Difficulty Level
  • 60
  • 12


  • Origami overview and its history.
  • Basics of Origami.
  • Learn Origami Basics Folds like Valley Fold, Mountain Fold , Pleat Fold , Blintz Fold, Squash Fold.
  • Learn Common Origami Bases like Kite Base, Fish Base, Waterbomb Base, Preliminary Base, Windmill Base.
  • Learn to make a triangle, square, pentagon etc.
  • Learn to fold and create even more shapes.


  • Origami paper and other Origami tools.
  • Ruler, Scissors, Tweezers etc.
  • Glue clear-drying, suitable for paper.
  • Damp cloth to keep fingers free of glue
  • Calm, noise free environment .
  • Patience and willingness to learn.

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