Political Science Home Tutor Class 11 in Udaipur

Political Science for Class 11

The political science course for IX class makes you aware of different and newer political equation which once existed across the globe from time to time. These equations changed the social scenario of world and hence they make a lot of sense. Therefore, students also seek help from political science home tutors who help them to clear their doubts regarding the political scenarios existing in different parts of the world. The Political Science home tutors are there to help you with home tuitions and resolve all your queries related to the subject.
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Session wise Curriculum:

The Political Science home tuition course referred here is tentative and might shift according to the syllabus of different state boards or else the NCERT and CBSE syllabus. Its different sessions are as following:

  • Unit 1: Democracy in the Contemporary World
  • Unit 2: What is the democracy? Why Democracy?
  • Unit 3: Constitutional Design

  • Unit 4: Electoral Politics
  • Unit 5: Working of Institutions
  • Unit 6: Democratic Rights

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