Kathak Indian Dance in Ahmedabad

Kathak: For Beginners
Are you looking to learn kathak? Take our kathak course and learn the basics of kathak quickly. Enroll, learn with our experts and do kathak.


  • Introducing kathak
  • Basic steps, hand postures, hand and foot movement.
  • Prarambhik, Praveshika Pratham including Teen Taal, Theka - baraabar, dugun, chaugun, Tukda, Rangmanch Pranam, Rangmanch Salami,Aamad,Tihai 4. Praveshika Purna including jhap taal
  • Madhyama Pratham ( Ek taal. teen taal and jhap taal)
  • Learn the Kathak mudras.
  • Combining everything learned to do Kathak


  • Use proper Kathak clothing or attire that should not limit Kathak movements.
  • Open space to move freely while dancing.
  • Good music system.
  • Special Kathak music.
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