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Electricity, Current and Voltage
  • Unit 1: Ohm’s Law
  • Unit 2: Resistors in Series
  • Unit 3: Heating Effect of Electricity
  • Unit 4: Light - Reflection and Refraction
  • Unit 5: Reflection of Light, Spherical Mirrors
  • Unit 6: Reflection by Spherical mirrors
  • Unit 7: Mirror Formulae, Refraction of Light, Refraction Through Glass
  • Unit 8: Lens Formulae, Spherical Lens and its properties
The Human Eye and the color
  • Unit 9: Human Eye, Defects of Vision
  • Unit 10: Dispersion of Light
  • Unit 11: Atmospheric Refraction
  • Unit 12: Scattering of Light
Magnetic Force
  • Unit 13: Magnetic-effects-of-electric-current Unit 11: Magnetic Field, Magnetic Force
  • Unit 14: Electromagnetic Induction
  • Unit 15: Sources of energy
  • Unit 16: Conventional and unconventional

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