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The grade 10 course curriculum ensures that students ensure a thorough reading habit. They are made to read some great works of great writers such as Shakespeare, Zora Neale Hurston and more. They can enrol in this course to sneak peek into the world of literary works. Reading a greater volume of novels and journals, they too develop their own writing skills.

Session-wise curriculum:

There are different units to purse this course which have been given as following:

Literary text analysis

It comprises reading skills, literary terms & devices, etc.

Analyzing Short Stories

Here you need to read about the novel exemplars, drama characteristics including Shakespeare's Julius Caesar etc.

Poetry Terms & Analysis

Here you analyse work of some great writers including Percy Shelley & Shakespeare. You also learn the non-fiction text analysis.

Media & Art Analysis

In this unit, you learn to choose words which describe word choice as well as tone about what you are writing. You also learn more about Argumentative Reading & Writing.

Different forms of writing

This unit makes you learn about Informative & Technical Writing, narrative writing, writing process, research skills, etc.

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