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Speed, Motion, work and energy
  • Unit 1: Speed and Velocity
  • Unit 2: Acceleration
  • Unit 3: Distance -Time Graphs, Velocity—Time Graphs
  • Unit 4: Equations of Motion, Force and Laws of Motion
  • Unit 5: Work and Energy
  • Unit 6: Conservation of energy
Force and Newton’s law
  • Unit 7: Force
  • Unit 8: Newton’s I, II and III Law of Motion
  • Unit 9: Conservation of Linear Motion
  • Unit 10: Gravitation Universal Law of Gravitation
Thrust, Pressure and propagation
  • Unit 11: Archimedes Principle
  • Unit 12: Sound & Production
  • Unit 13: Propagation, Characteristics of Sound
  • Unit 14: Reflection of Sound, Ultrasound and Human Ear

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Class 9 Home Tutor in Ahmedabad for Physics

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