How Qriyo Works

Qriyo provide courses to you at your home. Courses ranging from academics to Zumba. Let us see how everything works.

  • It all starts with research. After research completes, we build courses using the research.
  • We register teachers with us, before being registered he has to go through an evaluation process. In the process apart from subject knowledge, his personality is tested. If they pass the test, they get registered with us, ready to take home tuition.
  • Now, the courses go on our website. You visit our website and choose a course that excites you.
  • As soon as you choose a course. We get notified and our computers start searching the best teacher for you. For this matchmaking, we employ efficient algorithms.
  • We get back to you as soon as the matchmaking process gives a result (which is very quickly)
  • We talk and we fix a demo for you at your home at an hour you want to take the demo. At that hour our tutor takes home tuition at your home
  • After the demo, We take a feedback from you and if you loved the teacher, we start the course else we send another teacher. Repeat.