Why Home Tuitions?

If you are a parent or student, we will tell why you should take home tuition with Qriyo. And if you are not a student or parent but a teacher in that case why should do home tutoring for us. We are not the kind of people who do things just for the sake of it.

For Students/Parents

  • The tuition classes of today are as crowded as the school classroom. So, even after travelling in Heavy traffic and wasting time the students don’t learn much.
  • According to a research 93% students give better results when they take home tuition.
  • When student takes home tuition, the tutor comes to home and students valuable time is saved.
  • In home tuition the teacher’s all attention is on the student and so the student learns better.
  • We choose the teacher after a tough evaluation process that test everything from their Knowledge to personality.

For Teachers

  • You will get a lot of home tuition opportunities. More opportunities means more earning.
  • Option to work both full time or part time. You can choose the one that suits you better.
  • We believe in a model in which all the people involved grow. We want you to grow, we want us to grow.
  • Flexible timing, you are only supposed to take a home tuition if it fits your schedule. The control is in your hands.
  • We send tutors to home tuition which is near to them. So that you don’t have to travel long.
  • You get a chance to have positive impact on the future of education and earn money as an add on.