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Qriyo shared an article.

9 days ago

Use code- FLYHIGH and get Rs. 500 off this festival season. Offer valid till 14th January 2018.

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Flat Rs. 500 off this Makar Sankranti

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10 days ago

It is somewhat a universal truth that people like to be praised. It is not a philosophy, it’s human psychology. Let us read the what Mr. Aditya Vyas had to say about us.

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The Qriyo experience of our Guru, Aditya

Qriyo shared an article.

10 days ago

Renowned Yoga Guru Kapil Dev, hailing from Jaipur, has become the official trainer of the CISF team for the upcoming National Yoga Championship for Paramilitary Forces, to be organized in Visakhapatnam from Nov 28 – Dec 2.

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Qriyo Yoga Guru trains CISF for Paramilitary Yoga Championship

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