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Dear parents, your kid will find a new distraction after the TikTok ban. Know why?

Mansi Mittal 0

In recent times the number of TikTok users in our country has increased. Almost every teenager has an account on TikTok. A lot of “inappropriate” content is also made by users. In this context, the Madras High Court has asked the Indian government for TikTok ban.

TikTok ban is a provisional measure, to stop new users from downloading the app. The court mentioned that pornography and inappropriate content are made accessible through mobile applications like TikTok.

Dear parents, your kid will find a new distraction after TikTok ban. Know why?

Yes, there is no denying that there is content which is not appropriate for the kids. But a question that strikes my mind is what is the role of parents in all this? Are they not paying enough attention to their child that they need a ban? Or is ban the solution for everything?

We became so busy in providing our kids the perfect lifestyle that we forgot to keep a check if they are using the privileges well or not. We happily gave children the most advanced phone there is. In most cases, the parents are not aware either about the usage of the app or about the misuse people do of the app.

It is not left unnoticed that children nowadays need a phone in hand while doing everything and anything. Children of all ages are glued to their cell phones. From toddlers not eating their food until given a phone in hand to young children making TikTok videos, everyone is addicted one way or the other.

But what is more disappointing is the fact that it is the parents that are letting the young ones know that there is an ocean of distractions available just a tap away.

Such extreme use of phones will not only hurt their eyes and make them a couch potato but also, changes the way kids socialize and interact with others. All these things can have huge impacts on their emotional and mental health. It is well known that high levels of social media use, in both kids and adults, can lower self-esteem and create negative moods. 

But is banning a solution ?

And do we really think that banning is a solution to this? Incidents in the past like banning of PubG in Gujarat shows that government also comes down to banning things.

We in India love banning things. A book, or a film, or a painting, might hurt someone or other’s religious/cultural/social believes? Ban the book, the film, the painting or whatever the objectionable thing in question was.
The nod-a-long responses of “it shouldn’t be allowed” or “there should be a law against it” are the common solutions to many perceived problems.

Dear parents, your kid will find a new distraction after TikTok ban. Know why?

Instead of banning things we should try to find a logical and feasible solution to it. For eg. In the TikTok ban case, parents should act with a little more responsibility.
This does not mean becoming psychotic hovering parents and cuts children off from all types of technology. Parents should let their 10-year-olds know all the pros and cons of the smartphone. Their screen time should also be limited like 1 hour per day,
Parents could keep a check on what their ward is doing online, limitation of technological interaction. Replacing it with physical or improvement exercises rather could help.

Since every coin has two sides, TikTok also has some good effects. Many youngsters have become influencers overnight because of TikTok. TikTok is a good platform for people who want to go to the entertainment field.

Dear parents, your kid will find a new distraction after TikTok ban. Know why?

So, for once let’s sit calmly and think where we lack instead of blaming these apps for corrupting our children. We need to realize that TikTok ban or any other ban for that matter is not a solution.

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