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31 Most interesting YouTube Channels for education and inspiration

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Thanks to Reliance Jio, India is now the 2nd highest YouTube consumer in all of Asia. But, most people usually end up wasting more time they can afford on YouTube. Therefore, I thought why not share with you, my top YouTube subscriptions that give a lot of value, apart from the usual comedy and time pass. It is OK to watch comedy and entertainment on YouTube but it is also equally important to take care of your daily chores (studies, playing, work, etc). But, watching the right channels on YouTube can help you gain a special kind of knowledge which most people don’t have, and that’s how you shine like a diamond in the crowd. Here I present the most interesting YouTube channels that will just astonish you and teach you things you did not even know existed.

Most Interesting YouTube Channels in Technology

  1. MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)interesting youtube channels

    Marques Brownlee has been running this channel for the last 10 years and is drawing closer towards 6 million subscribers now. On his channel, Marques talks about smartphones, computers, and the technology that goes inside them. We can find him explaining conundrums like, “How does portrait mode works on Google Pixel 2 with just one lens”, and a lot of other questions that people have in mind. He also shares his review of the most famous tech products and helps you decide whether to buy or not. His production quality and the overall feel makes it one of the most interesting youtube channels to watch.

  2. Linus Tech Tips and TechQuickieinteresting youtube channels

    Both of these channels are owned by Linus, who is a passionate tech YouTuber. On his channel Linus Tech Tips, he not only talks about smartphones, but he also talks about gaming hardware and the technological advancements. On his second channels he goes too technical and answers some questions you did not even ask in the first place, but those questions are very important to answer. For instance, he explained, “how does airplane Wi-Fi work?”, “How does your web browser know your location?” These were just simple questions, he also answers questions that are too technical for common people, in an easy to understand manner. His in-depth explanations makes them one of the interesting youtube channels.

  3. GeekyRanjitinteresting youtube channels

    If you are looking to buy a smartphone or any other tech product, GeekyRanjit (who has over 1.5m subscribers) has a review for you. He uses the products for over a month, and test them on parameters such as battery performance, processor, screen, camera, builds quality, gaming, price to performance ratio etc. After watching his in-depth reviews, you are ready to make a decision on whether you should buy a particular smartphone or not.

  4. JerryRigEverythinginteresting youtube channels

    This channel is run by Zack who does a great job testing the phone’s durability. After watching his durability test, you can very well get an idea of how long the product will last if you decide to buy it. His video on Moto G5 helped me to know that the back panel of the camera lens is made from a high-quality glass that won’t get scratched easily. So, I bought the Moto G5 plus and not a single scratch is there, after 1 full year of use. When his phones pass his durability tests, he then tears them down to show us what technology is used inside them, and how to repair them.

  5. SuperSaf TVinteresting youtube channels

    Saf runs this amazing tech channel where he talks about smartphones and compares them to show you which one is better. He is well known for his camera comparison videos. I for one, never miss out on his any camera comparison between two phones. He tests the cameras in every way possible and judges them on parameters such as video stabilization, optical image stabilization, aperture, dynamic range, low-light performance, exposure, etc. He is now popularly known for Supersaf style camera comparisons which makes one of the most interesting youtube channels to watch.

Interesting YouTube Channels that imparts knowledge a different kind of Comedy

  1. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    interesting youtube channels

    John Oliver with over 6m+ subscribers on YouTube just sets the stage on fire with his hilarious punches and criticism of some of top industry leaders and politicians. I prefer to watch his show because that’s how I get to know what is really happening and how bad media portrays stuff. In one of his episodes he explained at length, how bad will it be if the UK opts for Brexit, and what propaganda is being proliferated to brainwash the common people to vote for Brexit. He talks about important matters like Paris Climate Accord and Trump deciding to opt out, the big problem of Nuclear Waste, etc, all in a really fun way that you’ll laugh really hard. And, at the very same time, you would have added crucial information to your mind which you would otherwise ever read in the newspaper.

  2. The Late Show with Stephen Colbertinteresting youtube channels

    I personally love Stephen Colbert for trolling Donald Trump and showing the people of the US that they made a really big mistake by electing him. He talks about the recent developments around the Trump President, the FBI investigation on the possible collusion with Russia during the elections, the $130,000 alleged hush money paid to an adult film by Donald’s Trump’s lawyer to cover up and alleged extramarital affair between her and Trump in 2006 (just four month’s after the birth of Trump’s child). Not just about Trump, on his channel you can find hundreds of episodes of Political Comedy and other hilarious talks. The way he trolls people is really a commendable job, and that’s why his channel in some of the highly interesting youtube channels.

  3. Late Night with Seth Meyersinteresting youtube channels

    Yet another hilarious show where Seth Meyers trolls high profile people including Donald Trump and also talks about issues in the society that need our attention. You can find high profile celebrities for a guest appearance on his show quite frequently and get to know your favorite celebrity in a better way.

Interesting YouTube Channels take you a step further in the world of Science and Mathematics

  1. Vsauceinteresting youtube channels

    Do you know that there are more than one infinities? Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. I’m sure in your school and college you only studied one infinity but mathematics has proof of more than one infinity that makes you feel really tiny in this Universe. Michael at Vsauce (13m+ subscribers) takes you to a whole new world of mathematics where he shows you how to count past infinity, the flat earth theory and how it can still be justified in every way, The famous Banack Tarksy Paradox in which you can create 2 new spheres are just one sphere without using extra material. He does make sure to explain in a way everyone could understand. I spend most of my youtube minutes watching his videos and I consider it one of the most intriguing and interesting youtube channels. He has a second channel by the name DONG where he explains concepts without going too deep.

  2. Numberphileinteresting youtube channels

    If you a fan of numbers then you’re gonna love this channel. You must be knowing that the sum of natural numbers is n(n+1)/2, but, this sum is a finite number. Meaning, you can any value in place of N and get a sum. But have you ever wondered what is the sum of unending natural numbers? To your surprise, it’s just -1/12 and Numberphile proves it mathematically. Astounding, right? Go watch how it happens. You will find a lot of fascinating math proof you never knew could even exist.

  3. 3 Blue 1 Browninteresting youtube channels

    Again, a mathematical YouTube channel that does a great job in answering some of the most daunting questions in math we just tend to ignore. For instance, how do cryptocurrencies work? What mathematics is behind the Blockchain? How and why infinity is useful to mathematics? Understanding Pie in a better and deeper way. Every possible Pythagorean Triplet ever and a lot more intriguing videos.

Interesting YouTube Channels in Fitness

  1. Guru Mann Fitnessinteresting youtube channels

    Guru Mann with over 9 international levels certifications and a degree in sports started the first reliable fitness channel on YouTube. He has a second channel by the name of Health and Fitness and both the channels are nearing 1m subscribers each. He educates Indian people on health and nutrition. In fact, he has a mission to make India a fit nation. Therefore, you can find full nutrition and workout plans for almost everyone. Do you want to lose weight? He has a full plan free of cost. Do you have diabetes, cholesterol, or even cancer? He has a nutrition plan for everyone. Just download his free plans and get to work.

  2. FitMuscle TVinteresting youtube channels

    This channel is run by Gaurav Taneja, a pilot in Indigo Airlines. Here, he talks about workouts, major mistakes people make during workouts and crucial workout techniques. He also advises on supplements, spreads awareness on drugs, makes fitness vlogs, etc.

  3. Jeet Selal Aestheticsinteresting youtube channels

    Jeet Selal, on his channel, talks about the right techniques of workouts. He tells you about the mistakes you make during the workouts unknowingly and how badly they affect your body in future. He also does supplements reviews, and share nutritional information.

  4. Athlean Xinteresting youtube channels

    This is a great fitness channel run by Jeff Cavalier. Jeff is known for his experimentation and invention of new workout techniques that just blast your muscles and improve your athletic performance. Great videos on HIIT workouts and strength training can be found on his channel along with information on mistakes you might make in your workouts. He also tells you about the basics of Muscle growth and how you can best target them to maximize your results. If you want to challenge yourself in a workout, then this is your one-stop destination for non-stop challenging workouts. Because of his unique workouts, Athlean X is one of the most interesting youtube channels.

Best vlog channels on YouTube

  1. Casey Neistatinteresting youtube channels

    Casey is a filmmaker who made a career on YouTube by his cinematic vlogs. He has over 8m subscribers and a very interesting person to listen to. Vlogs can inspire you to do more, especially if they are presented in a responsible manner. Vlogs coming straight from the mind of a filmmaker have got to be amazing and they really are. Hence, he holds one of the most interesting youtube channels when it comes to vlogging.

  2. Arthur Mooreinteresting youtube channels

    Arthur lives in Goa and is also a filmmaker. Just like Casey, he also wanted to become a director but later on, realized that entry in this field is somewhat restricted. He started his YouTube channel recently and has over 60k+ subscribers. His vlogs are cinematic and feel as if you are traveling with him. This special connection with him is what takes to make most interesting youtube channels.

  3. Mumbiker Nikhilinteresting youtube channels

    With close to 1m subscribers, Nikhil was seen on YouTube fanfest 2018 in Mumbai. He is the one to start a vlogging culture on YouTube with his Moto Vlogs where he travels India with his beautiful adventure bike Tiger and a GoPro. Seeing him travel will surely give you new travel goals for this year.

  4. Flying Beastinteresting youtube channels

    This channel is run by Gaurav Taneja who also owns the Fitness channel FitMuscle TV I mentioned above. On his second channel flying beast, he can be seen traveling and having funny conversations with his wife. His vlogs are entertaining and will bring a smile on your face. And that is why he comes twice on the list of most interesting youtube channels.

Want to learn Video Editing? These are the best teachers on YouTube

If you are a YouTube consumer, then must sometime come across videos that are not just good, even if they had good content, but the overall editing and presentation just don’t feel good. Which is why it is imperative to learn video editing so that your videos could stand apart from others. For that, you don’t need to join a class or pay money to any professional, thanks to these passionate people who tech video editing and even advanced motion graphics free of cost.

  1. Surfaced Studiointeresting youtube channels

    This channel has numerous video editing and after effects tutorials in all difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). If you are just starting out, watch his beginner tutorials and you will ready to edit a normal video in just 1 day. His intermediate and advanced tutorials also teach you to make and animate advanced graphics that you see in Hollywood movies. It’s a complete package, you just need to be passionate enough to learn from him.

  2. Orange83interesting youtube channels

    Another great contributor to the learning community on YouTube is Orange83. He is so generous that he not only teaches you how to do advanced video editing and motion graphics, but he also shares some of his work absolutely free cost. In fact, I have been using his animated title templates in many of my own YouTube videos that give them a professional look.

  3. Justin Odishointeresting youtube channels

    Justin Odisho too, like Orange83, teaches you how to do professional video editing. On his channel, you find numerous tutorials on video editing and motion graphics. I recommend watching his videos to learn specific tasks that make your video look great, for instance, call out titles.

  4. Tutvidinteresting youtube channels

    Not just video, but you will find really useful photoshop tutorials taught by Nathaniel Dodson. The thing I like the most about Tutvid is that he sometimes goes an extra mile to teach us something so complex that no one necessarily does. For instance, in one of his tutorials, he taught how to create motion tracking titles in adobe premiere pro which usually is not the ideal software to do so. He, through his video, proved that motion tracking (with a really high accuracy) is indeed possible in this software and how to do it. He then, later on, tells us that it can be better done in adobe after effects. But the point was, there is so much to learn and create in just one software that we should know about.

Clear Competitive examinations with these amazing and interesting YouTube channels

  1. Study IQ educationinteresting youtube channels

    The number one on my list is your one-stop destination to know what is going on in India and the world. Their dedicated team pushes out complete editorial analysis of the popular newspaper The Hindu on a regular basis. Not only this, they also explain crucial matters such as India-Pakistan tensions, Chabbar port, Paris Climate Accord, pretty much every topic that comes in your next Group Discussion if you’re an MBA student or preparing for the CAT. Apart from this, they also have courses on Data interpretation, logical reasoning, and Quantitative aptitude to help you crack exams like CAT, XAT, CLAT, SSC, PO, etc.

  2. Takshzila Shikshakinteresting youtube channels

    This channel is the reason I could confidently say I do not need a coaching to clear competitive exams. After studying Numbers, Geometry, and Algebra from this channel, I never scored below 90 percentile in any competitive examination (in the quantitative aptitude section). If you struggle with mathematics and are preparing such exams, then you should definitely check out this channel to clear your basics as well as to solve advanced problems in mathematics.

  3. Dhruv Ratheeinteresting youtube channels

    Dhruv Rathee makes videos on politics and educates people on what is going on around you. He busts propagandas that government uses to brainwash common people. Through his channel, he tries to impart critical thinking in viewers so that you can decide who you should really vote for. I highly recommend watching his channel for everyone, especially students who struggle with GK time to time. You will surely get a lot of for and against arguments in his videos that you could use in debates and discussions.

  4. Perfect Scoresinteresting youtube channels

    I still remember when I was struggling a data interpretation set that contained a Venn diagram with 6 items. Usually, we can easily solve Venn diagrams up to 4 items, but if you try to solve a 6-item-Vennenn diagram like the usual way, your brain explodes. So I looked up on YouTube whether there is an easier way to go about it, and that’s when I found Perfect Scores owned by Pushpinder Gill. He solved a 6-item Venn diagram in a ridiculously easy manner and left me astonished. I went back to his channel to study some more of the complex topics in Aptitude. His channel surely is one of best YouTube channels for learning aptitude.

  5. EngVidinteresting youtube channels

    Do you want to learn English? Do you feel you can understand and read English but cannot speak fluently? Then EngVid is the solution. Whether you want to clear IELTS to study abroad, or you want to improve your communication skills, EngVid can help you do all of it. The educators on EngVid have their own separate channels but they all start with the word “ENGVID” so it’s easy to find them all on YouTube. To learn English, you just need to know where to look, not spend money.


Learn SEO (search engine optimization) from this YouTube Channel

Neil Patelinteresting youtube channels

Neil Patel was awarded by former US president Barak Obama for Top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30. He was also named in top 10 online marketers by Forbes. On his channel, he teaches you how to drive more traffic to your website or blog. Also, ways you can generate a lot of revenue from just boosting your SEO. Dreaming of becoming a top-earning blogger is easy, but to actually become one is really difficult. A lot of potential bloggers give up when they realize that maybe it doesn’t work, but it does. You just need to get the right guidance and put more effort. Learn from Neil, how he does it and generate traffic of millions of people on his website. He is of great help to all those engaged in Digital marketing and SEO.

Learn photography from this YouTube Channel

GMAX studiousinteresting youtube channels

Gorky M runs the youtube channel Gmax studious where he explains from scratch all about the cameras and lenses. For instance, he explains the concept of exposure triangle (aperture, ISO, shutter speed), different kinds of lenses and how to click amazing pictures from manual mode settings on a DSLR. If you are really passionate about photography, you must follow Gmax Studios.

Learn DIY projects (Do it Yourself) from this YouTube Channel

MAD stuff with Robinteresting youtube channels

If you were born in the 90s, there’s a pretty good chance you remember this man. Rob from the famous TV show M.A.D (Music Art Dance) that used to air on POGO. Yes, he has a YouTube channel where he gets really creative and teaches you to build cool things. Make sure you tell your kids about Rob if you want them to get really creative. This is a dream come true for all those creative souls. Go ow and watch one of the most creative and  interesting YouTube Channels

If you are feeling pumped after reading this list of most interesting youtube channels and feel like doing something, then you can learn something new with this home tuition app. Turn your interests into hobbies with guitar classes at home, or any other hobby of yours. Just book your first home tuition now. Who knows, maybe you’ll start teaching on YouTube.

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