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5 Learning apps for students That Are Improving The Quality Of Education

Mandeep Gill 7

Youngsters are learning how to code from YouTube videos. Our moms are learning new recipes to satisfy our taste buds. Today, the internet has a solution to every learning needs and we must use this power to our advantage and keep learning something new. But, you must know where to look. You should be able to identify the best possible solution to your learning needs and it can be a daunting task requiring a lot of research before arriving at a trusted source. If you have made your way to this article, then you are already closer to fulfill your learning needs. Today you will get to know about some of the best learning apps for students. Their credibility and quality education will deliver a memorable learning experience to you.

Top 5 learning apps for students

  1. Qriyo (Android,iOS)

    Learning apps for students |Home Tuition App - Find Tutor in a Tap |

    Qriyo is India’s first managed home tuition app. Here, you will not only find academics home tutors, but you will also find more than 500 courses that can be learned at home. Want to get back in shape? Get a fitness instructor at your doorstep. If you & your child has a talent in music, get a music teacher and start daily sessions to sharpen her skills. Qriyo has a home tutor for all your learning needs.

  2. Byju’s (Android, iOS)

    BYJU'S – Learning app for studentByju’s app provides engaging video lessons for every student and every course. From academics to competitive college level exams like CAT, SSC, GATE, JEE, etc. They provide the complete course in the form of quality video lectures as well as mock tests with performance analysis. They strive to make learning a beautiful experience for their students.

  3. UrbanClap

    UrbanClap - Service ExpertsUrbanClap is another such great app that lets you find professional services online. From electrician, plumber, to a guitar teacher or yoga instructor, you can get all these professional services at your doorstep. These learning apps for students are gaining prominence by delivering quality teachers and education.

  4. Toppr (Android, iOS)

    Toppr - Learning app for classes 5th to 12th- screenshot

    Toppr is making a difference by providing their engaging video lectures for class 5 to class 12 as well as entrance exams like JEE, SSC, etc. Along with video lectures, they also offer a plethora of practice tests for the student to get better at core concepts.

  5. Unacademy (Android, iOS)Unacademy Learning App- screenshot

    Unacademy is a free learning app that offers video lectures for complete CBSE/ICSE syllabus, competitive exams, language learning, engineering subjects, and a lot more. You can find verified quality teachers and just jump to their courses free of cost. Education has indeed become free, now you just need an internet connection and that gap is already being bridged by Jio.

  6. Khan Academy (Android, iOS)Khan Academy - learning app for students

    Like Unacademy, Khan Academy is also revolutionalizing the education system by provided free courses online by expert faculties. A learning application that teaches anything from kindergarten to economics and finance courses.

Learning is always a beautiful experience if you know where to look and what suits your needs best. Start your new year by learning something new with these learning apps for students as well as for their parents.

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