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Deadly disadvantages of video games recognized by WHO

Mandeep Gill 7

Is your child spending too much time on video games? You may need to reinforce stricter parenting rules especially after knowing what repercussions one could stumble upon, by overspending time on video games. In a major and much-needed recognition, WHO (World Health Organization) in the International Classification of Diseases 2018, will include gaming addiction as a mental disorder. This news infuriated millions of people worldwide, resulting in a flood of angry tweets on the micro-blogging platform Twitter. Whether there is indeed a need to consider this a mental disorder is up for debate and I am not taking any sides. But, this is surely a wake-up call and it’s high time we analyze some disadvantages of video games and is your child really unsafe?

Disadvantages of video games you should be aware of

  1. Behavioral and mental changes

    Children who spend hours on gaming may become violent, introvert, lose interest in the environment that surrounds them. This will lead to an underdeveloped personality because the person never likes to talk to other people and socialize.

  2. Lack of other hobbies and poor academic performance

    While the video game is also a hobby, over spending time on them will deprive the person of learning new things and playing outdoor games. An addict will always think of gaming, sacrificing other things that are sometimes more important than gaming, like studying, sports, socializing, etc.

  3. Lethargic nature, which will also lead to weight gain

    Too much screen time translates into laziness and may cause weight gain. Addict gamers tend to forget to drink water, eat food on time, and laying in one place for hours staring at a screen. We all know how unhealthy is that.

  4. Gaming addiction can slow down the brain growth

    There are a lot of games that help in brain development by imparting critical thinking skills, at the same time, playing video games for hours every day also results in a slowdown in brain development.

  5. Gaming addiction negatively affects eyesight and also results in Insomnia

    Small children can be seen wearing spectacles these days, even I got a number when I was 4th grade. Not all persons will get a weak eyesight, but getting more screen time from a close distance definitely contributes towards myopia. Also, the screen time negatively affects your ability to sleep. It would be harder to fall asleep at night and get a good deep sleep.

What does WHO say?

As per the World Health Organization, this mental health disorder is characterized by giving priority to gaming, despite the consequences in the person’s social life, work life and the degrading mental condition. The people who just don’t care about anything but gaming are most susceptible to this disorder.

How likely is this gaming disorder?

As long as the person cares about other things in life, such as hobbies, homework, social activities, etc, gaming won’t harm them this much. This disorder is the worst case scenario where a person is prioritizing gaming for at least 12 months.

What should parents do?

Addiction has numerous forms, gaming is not the only one. Addiction can also be of facebook, youtube, etc. You cannot tell them to not play video games, but you can enforce some house rules. You can make gaming a reward for them. In exchange for completing the homework, you can give them an hour of gaming. Make sure your child is not just playing games and not going out to play outdoor games. For an overall personality development, it is imperative that your child is learning new skills, and become better. Their needs to be a right balance between fun and work/development. The disadvantages of video games can easily be eliminated if we teach them how much is enough, and the importance of other things in life.

You can get a dance teacher at home and make your child invest some time of the day in productive activities at home. If not dance, then maybe a guitar teacher at home, you can get yourself a home tutor for almost anything, even academics. Just download the home tuition app or visit the home tuition website now.

The disadvantages of video games will only bother if one overspends his/her time on them.

Gaming is not bad, it’s overuse is, just like any other addiction. In fact, in 2022 Asian Games, online gaming will be included as one of the sports. E-sports will soon take a place among other sports. 


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    this is bs lmao

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    also nice stock jpeg boomers

  • Hassel

    True. Some can become addicted. It is also true that staying inside too much (for whatever reason) can effect the development for the eye and cause weight gain. And there are children who don’t do their homework because they prefer playing video games.
    I have also noticed that practically none articles in the tabloids say anything negative about video games. On the contrary, they disagree with those who even suggest such a thing. Could it have something to do with all those billions and billions of dollars that the gaming industry earn each year?
    Look at twitter and social media for instance. The tabloids often write about the downsides, like spending too much time on facebook, internet trolls and bullies, and so on. But there is never a bad word about video games.

  • Jimmy Jin

    I just like how boomers pass judge on to a topic that they have zero experience on and trying to convince a group of people that grow up with things like video games, but lets be real here if your hobbies get in the way of you being a functional human-being then it is a problem, also if you are wondering why I’m here and reading something that have been written by a dude that have probably never played any good game or gotten a decent hobby, is because I’m forced to write and essay for the same kind of people

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    This is fake. no one experiences this other than violent and motivation for school.