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10 summer activities for teens for productive holidays

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Vacation is the most awaited time of the year, for teenagers. That is the time when you want to lay back and relax. This is the time when they want to enjoy to the fullest. I personally believe that if you have so much time in hand then might as well learn something rather than lazing around and staring black screens. You can learn and develop new skills or hone some. So ask your teenager to make a list of productive activities he wants to take up this summer. And to ease your work, we have already made a list of summer activities for teens.

10 summer activities for teens for productive holidays

  1. Sports camp/Adventure camp

    Sports camp not only lets your child play his favorite sport but he also remains fit. During a camp, children make new friends, learn new things, adventure and spend time with their parents as well. Camping teaches team building and also he will learn organizational and leadership skills. If your child is exceptionally good at sports, he might make a career in sports. Playing a sport is one of the best activities for teens during holidays. Also, a good sports background can help your child secure a scholarship in higher studies. Worried about a good tutor, don’t worry we have a solution, book a home tutor for sports for your child’s favorite sport.

  2. Learn a new language

    There couldn’t be anything better than learning a new language. A new language can be very helpful if you want to travel and explore in future. Not only this, you can teach students and earn money and be independent. Learning a language is a whole new experience and it sharpens your critical thinking and logical reasoning. Wondering where to join and learn in this rising temperature, don’t worry book yourself a home tutor for foreign languages at home. And, this among other summer activities for teens will look great on your resume plus you can flaunt your foreign language skills infant of your friends. Sounds cool to me.

  3. Internship

    Some teenagers feel the need to be independent as soon as the beginning of their teen life. They want to earn and live life on their own terms. If your child wishes to work in a certain company or a certain field, he can look for an internship in the same field or company. This will make them hone their profession and they will learn time management. A lot of companies offer summer internships to school students and if you work exceptionally good, they might offer you a full-time job. And even if they don’t, then the experience would be worth the try. Also, your child’s energy would be channelized towards something productive. He will also get a fair picture as to how things work in a corporate world.

  4. Computer courses

    In today’s scenario, when everything starts with a click, learning web designing, coding, or computer language would prove to be a very good idea.Computer courses are useful for everyone but mainly for those who want to make a career in  IT. And even if you don’t want to make the career in IT, then you can always design your own website in future rather than outsourcing somebody. And its never a bad idea to learn something new plus it would add to your resume giving it an edge over others. Now, don’t think twice and book yourself a home tutor for computer courses and start learning. This is one of the best summer activities for teens.

  5. Summer Job

    The best way to make your child learn the importance of money is to make him earn. Summer jobs are one of the best and productive summer activities for teens. The idea of earning money has always been very enthusiastic among teenagers. They possess the zeal of taking up small jobs such a dog keeping, babysitting, gardening etc. Also, they will put their best efforts and understand money management.

  6. Explore a new place

    Everybody likes to travel and explore new places and interact with new people. There must be a place on your mind that you saw in a magazine or your friend last visited. When you explore a place, you explore yourself as well. You will learn about your nature, your preferences, and dislikes. for instance, if you decide to explore a museum in your city, maybe you get to know that you aren’t a museum person. And you spend some time with yourself. Learn to enjoy your company before anyone else.

  7. Volunteer work

    Volunteering for an NGO or a social platform could be fun. When you volunteer and help others, it always gives you a sense of contentment. You will always feel that you have achieved something more than materialistic goals. Giving time for activities such as helping at an animal shelter or teaching at an NGO, cleaning your society or helping at old age homes make children thank every bit fo life and they feel more content. Such selfless acts make them realize the importance of human life. Further widening their perspective on society. Such summer activities for teens can bring in them the sense of responsibility. To volunteer for Qriyo initiative, just visit the website and apply.

  8. Learn new things/skills

    You should encourage your child to get out of his comfort zone and try something new these summers. IT doesn’t have to be an educational course or sports activity but anything that keeps him busy and active. Ensure that he doesn’t waste him watching television and playing games on his latest play station. You can ask him to watch science education channels and experiment at home. He can watch DIY videos, that way he will hone his creative skills and might make something useful. If he likes to swim, he can join swimming. Playing an instrument can be a better idea if he wants to learn one. And you can always book a home tutor for instruments learning or say any hobby such as art and craft or dance classes at home. Teenagers are very passionate and full of zeal. They have the energy to do anything. You just have to motivate them to channelize their energy towards something productive and not become couch potatoes by sitting in front of the television. Being a parent, ensure that the fervor of learning something new doesn’t die and ask them to take up some of these summer activities for teens.

  9. Read new books

    Reading is the best way to enhance your knowledge about the world. Get your child a membership of a local library and ensure that he reads latest magazines, novels, books etc. Teenagers have a hunger for knowledge and there couldn’t be a better way to feed their appetite. Reading improves concentration and the best way to discover human behavior. This is one of the best summer activities for teens to take up this summer.

  10. Make a portfolio

    If your child is exceptionally creative and passionate about something in life, ask him to make develop some samples that can be used for future jobs. For instance, if your child writes well, he might upload his articles on websites or give it to a local newspaper editorial column, it might just get published. A lot of companies hire students to work with them as interns. And it will boost his self-confidence as well. If you have any suggestions for summer activities for teens in the head, please feel free to share.

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summer activities for teens
summer activities for teens