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21 Must Know Things That Your Child Do In Free Time

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Childhood is a phase of life where all individuals explore and learn diverse things. It is a time where a person is free from all obligations and responsibilities. A report reveals that significant habits, as well as personality traits, are shaped during this stage. During this stage children often indulge in distinct activities in their spare time. Some are productive and can develop certain skills while others are unproductive. Parents by keeping a careful check on the past time activities of their children can help them in inculcating healthy habits early in life that will bring lifelong benefits.

Here are some of the things that your child do in free time

1) Painting

Things That Your Child Do In Free Time


Many children often take up painting as an ideal past time activity. Children who are involved in painting develops critical thinking skills and their eye-hand coordination improves. Kids who paint regularly are more expressive. Their creativity level and ability to handle the challenging situation is way better than other kids. Parents can support their children and can help them in honing this skill. This will give a real boost to the confidence level of their child.

2)Watching Television

Every kid loves to watch TV. There are hundreds of programmes which are telecasted every day and they all are based on diverse themes. On one hand, television is a rich source of information and knowledge, on the other hand, it is full of consumerism and violence. Watching widespread violence can make the aggressive as well as short-tempered. Parents should keep a strict check on the kind of content being watched by their children on television. They should emphasize their children to watch informative channels which will eventually help them in expanding their knowledge base.


3) Gardening


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School going kids often develop a fascination for gardening. So, whenever parents see their child inclining towards gardening, they should motivate them to continue this activity because there are numerous benefits of it. Gardening promotes a sense of responsibility and understanding. It makes them more informative because they learn about various species of plants. Gardening instills in children a love for nature.


4) Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a fun-filled pastime that attracts every child. Kids often preserve their memories and notes in a scrapbook. They even decorate the pages with colors and stuff to make it more appealing. As a result, their creativity and memory enhancement. Recollection of past events can make the brain more active and alert. Parents should also help them developing this habit as it can do wonders in enhancing the mental dexterity of kids.

5) Play online games

Things That Your Child Do In Free Time


Due to intensive penetration of internet, children from a very early age start using it. There are thousands of games available on the internet and their main motive is to engulf the attention of kids. Children, out of curiosity play those games and get addicted to it. They start killing their precious time. Furthermore, they fail to realize that they are inviting many health-related issues. Parents should limit their internet usage and should watch the pattern of behavior of their child.


6) Cooking

Preparing meals often fascinate kids. Spending time in a kitchen and cooking can develop several skills in them. Kids learn to read, measure ingredients and chop as well. This develops their coordination. In addition to this their ability to memorize will improve. But a careful check should be kept because cooking alone can be disastrous.

7) Play board games

Chess, ludo, monopoly are classical board games. Every child plays these games in their free time. On one hand, they develop creativity, coordination and memory recognition while on the other hand, they are time killers. Parents should make their child understand the pros and cons of excessively playing board games.

8) Hang out with friends

Most of the kids play with their friends during spare time. This is an excellent way to relax and have quality time with them. This is a good activity which enhances the socializing as well as the communication skills of children. But at the same time meeting friends excessively and neglecting other activities can be critical. Parents should ask their children to follow a well-planned schedule so that they don’t waste their precious time.

9) Watch videos online

Again due to extensive usage of internet, children engage themselves in diverse activities online. The Internet is a great way to stay up-to-date and do research for school projects, but it can also be very dangerous. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that your child stays safe online. There are crores of videos which are available online and all are based on different ideas. A report reveals that watching corrupt videos is a major source due to which crimes are increasing at a rapid pace. Parents should keep a careful check on the content being watched by their children.

10) Exercise


Things That Your Child Do In Free Time


Inspired by their teachers as well as family members, school going kids make exercise as an ideal past time activity. Exercising regularly make them alert and active both mentally as well as physically. They develop stronger willpower. It acts as a catalyst for improving blood circulation. Parents should not only promote this activity but should also exercise regularly along with them.

11) Birdwatching

Most of the children love to watch the sleek movements of birds. They learn about various kinds of birds in school. Bird watching gives them the opportunity to relate the theoretical learning with reality. It consequently creates a soothing effect and gives immense pleasure.

12) Climb trees

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While playing in parks children particularly boys look for suitable trees and they climb on them. The classic childhood activity of climbing a tree is one of the simplest forms of pleasure for many kids. Research reveals that climbing trees is a healthy exercise. It improves eye-hand coordination as well as motor movements of muscles.

13) Cycling

Every child loves to ride a bicycle. This gives them immense gratification. Cycling has many health benefits. It not only elongates limb bones which eventually increase height but also improves body posture. Furthermore, research has shown that cycling is the best exercise to keep obesity away particularly in children.


14) Collect coins

Collecting coins is a beloved activity of almost every child. They accumulate coins in their piggy banks. It is a hobby which not only gives them a sense of accomplishment but also develops in them the habit of saving money. Every coin is unique and different and it is an excellent way to learn about the history of them. As a result of this their knowledge base develops.


15) Dance

It is an activity which most of the children loves to do in their spare time. Dancing makes kids more expressive and creative. It develops their muscular strength, endurance, and motor fitness. Furthermore, dance makes them more flexible and improves coordination. Parents of children who are inclined towards dancing should motivate and support them further enhance this skill.

16) Make bookmarks

Making bookmarks is a cherished past time activity of school going children. They make creative bookmarks out of waste for their friends and family. This enhances their critical cognitive skills as well as creativity. They even learn to utilize trash in an effective way.

17) Solve Jigsaw puzzles

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Jigsaw puzzles an integral part of the constructive learning of toddlers as well as young children. It enhances their problem-solving ability. Solving puzzles develops coordination, concentration and memorizing skills.

18)Read comic books

Every child likes to read comic books. It gives kids an opportunity to travel virtually while sitting at home. Reading enhances their imagination as well as creativity. Children admire the superhero being portrayed in the comic and aspires to become like them. Despite these benefits comic can sometimes produce negative outcomes. Reading comics with violence makes the child short-tempered and aggressive. Parents should keep a check on the kind of comics being read by their children.

19) Visit historical monuments

Certain kids show increased inclination towards culture and heritage. Visiting monuments fascinates such children. They learn about the history of those ancient monuments which eventually develop their knowledge base. Historical monuments are a treasure chest of information. They explore diverse things. It provides them with a positive learning experience.

20) Sell lemonade

Starting a small lemonade stand is a very productive activity which grabs the attention of young children. They learn to make money out of small things. This activity sows the seed of entrepreneurship in the young minds of kids.

21) Maintain diary

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Kids often develop a diary in which they write about their endeavors and activities. This is an amazing habit which improves the writing skills of children. It inculcates in them a sense of responsibility. It enhances their intelligence as well as an emotional quotient.


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