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Best Board Games For Improving Kids Thinking Ability.

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Games!! The word itself arouse excitement in every kid. Be it be indoor or outdoor, games play an indispensable role in student’s life. They are the best sources of fun, pleasure, and recreation. Parents quite often ask their children to focus primarily on outdoor activities and not waste time in playing indoor games. But, they fail to realize that such games help in enhancing the complex thought process and memory formation. Studying all the time can make the child feel pressurized and anxious. Playing such games can de-stress them. They also give kids an opportunity to spend more time with their family and friends as a result their socializing skill improves. They help the brain retain and build advance cognitive dexterity which eventually enhances the thinking ability of kids. The following enlists best board games.

Here are some of the best board games which enhance the thinking ability of kids:



Best Indoor Board Games

Originated in India during the 7 th century, chess is a tactful and strategic game played on a checkered board with 64 squares organized in an 8×8 grid. It is a two-player board game in which each player has sixteen pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops and eight pawns. Each piece type moves differently. The ultimate aim is to defeat the opponent’s king by capturing it into an inevitable trap. Playing chess activates both the hemispheres of the brain as a result coordination and cognition improves. Also, players need to remember past moves of their opponents as well as a large number of rules, which eventually improves memory. A report of psychological association of India reveals that children who play chess on a regular basis have shown immense improvement in their academic performance.



Best Indoor Board Games

Monopoly!!! the ultimate wheeling and dealing game. It is a real estate board game for two to eight players. Developed in U.S.A and first published by Parker Brothers in 1935, the game is named after a prominent economic concept called monopoly- domination of the market by a single seller. During the game the player moves across the game board buying and selling properties, establishing rooms and hotels and charging rent from opponents. The utmost objective is to drive all opponents into bankruptcy. It creates artificial setting wherein children gets a little gist of how actual trading is done. While playing these game kids are responsible for making financial transactions like purchasing and making change. This not only develops basic math skills but also make kids aware about the various denominations of currency.



Best Indoor Board Games

Invented by Alfred Butt, during the 20th century, Scrabble is a board and tile game where two to four players compete in forming words. Each player gets a specific number of tiles onto which English alphabets are printed. Out of these tiles, player needs to create meaningful words. Every participant score points by placing tiles on a board divided into a 15×15 grid of squares. Scrabble is a simple and entertaining game for kids and has numerous benefits. It allows kids to learn new words, therefore, their vocabulary improves. While playing the game kids are forced to think creatively to form new words from the letters provided. Besides improving English skills, it also teaches some basics of maths to kids.




Best Indoor Board Games

Ludo is a classic board game for two to four players. It is a modified and simpler version of an Indian game called ‘pachisi’. Each player is assigned a colour and is given 4 tokens of that particular colour. The first player to bring all tokens to the finish block wins the game. While playing ludo children develop creative ways of solving problems because of the different shapes in the board that they have to try. It is a fairly easy and enjoyable game for kids. The benefits of playing Ludo are immense. It teaches good sportsmanship, the importance of taking turns, sharing, and furthermore instills in children the spirit of competitiveness in a proper way. It is an effective tool which develops child’s numeracy skills as well as their positional language.


Game of life


Best Indoor Board Games

Spin the wheel of fate to know where you land on the track of life!!! Life is a board game originally developed in 1860 by Milton Bradley. The game board reflects various stages of life ranging from college to retirement. The objective of the game is to have the largest amount of assets in the end. Two to eight players can take part. While playing the game of life, children get an opportunity to experience a sort of compressed version of adulthood. They learn to make pivotal life as well as career-related decisions. It also teaches certain financial concepts related to stocks, bonds, and insurance. Furthermore, it develops logic and critical thinking skills among children.

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