Physics Home Tutor in Ahmedabad for Class 11

Are you facing any problem with Physics subject ? Be ready to see good scores at your result sheet. To make it possible to you, here we are providing expert home tutor who will improve you at Physics for Class 11th and then polish your concepts.

Units and Measurement
  • Unit 1: Measurement and Error Analysis
  • Unit 2: Significant Figures
  • Unit 3: Motion in a Straight Line
  • Unit 4: Motion in a Plane, Laws of Motion
  • Unit 5: Work, Energy and Power
System of Particles and rotational moment
  • Unit 6: Gravitation
  • Unit 7: Mechanical Properties of Metals
  • Unit 8: Thermodynamics
  • Unit 9: Kinetic Theory
Oscillations & waves
  • Unit 10: Oscillations
  • Unit 11: Waves
  • Unit 12: Physical World

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Class 11 Home Tutor in Ahmedabad for Physics

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