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21 things to teach your daughter before she turns 21

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Women are said to be God’s best creation. We are creators of life who are able to carry a baby for 9 months! Not just that, playing diverse roles in our entire lifetime with great compatibility is our merit! This is proven that girls can better maintain social behavior with the world as compared to boys. It is said that a being can repay every bodies’ favors but can never repay what a mother has done.

The almighty has created two different kinds of human beings as males and females. This reasons the fact that they compete with each other but can never be compared. This is against nature. Girls, as called before marriage or may be after a certain age, is one of the most beautiful stages of a female’s life. As we girls enter from our adolescence to becoming women, there are just so many changes we undergo. The process needs care, guidance, and experiences.

21 things to teach your daughter before she turns 21:

1. Books before boys, because boys bring babies.

things to teach your daughter

A great phrase this is! Hey, you girls out there. There is a lot to achieve before giving a guy everything. Education is the right of all. And education calls out for bright futures. Our careers must be our priority. After all, it’s a pride to be independent and then live in an independent nation.

2. Adventures help you find out where you really belong.

things to teach your daughter

Travelling has just so many advantages. The best part of traveling happens to be that one gets to discover herself. The only thing you can change according to you is yourself. We shall be carrying ourselves after all of the entire life. Travelling triggers the need to spend some more time with ourselves and this is amazing!

3. Family first.

things to teach your daughter

A family must be on the top of priority list. They are the reason we are here today. All they have given us also should be theirs right! We must do our best to keep them happy. Obviously, their happiness is in ours. Here is why girls, prioritize your family first in every situation.

4. There can be the perfect college experience.

things to teach your daughter

It’s us who make our lives great and not the colleges. Colleges are known by their students after all. All we need to do is give our best to where we work and study, our experiences shall be best in itself then.

5. Friends may come and go but enemies accumulate.

things to teach your daughter

We must have heard this several times is for sure. It’s time to understand that friends aren’t permanent. And making enemies at a small age is not good. The best way to cope with this is to learn the reality that people aren’t permanent.

6. You can’t pursue your hobbies at every age. Do them now.

things to teach your daughter

We have increasing responsibilities with increasing age. This doesn’t let many women to pursue their ambitions or may be hobbies. So, before getting involved in home making and handling other responsibilities, we must pursue our hobbies. The level of enthusiasm also decreases with time. So why not pursue the things that interest us at this age! Self-made decisions are never very regretful. Hence utilize your decision making authority now.

7. Wanting to be someone else is a waste of a person you are.

things to teach your daughter

We all are one of a kind. The best opportunity nature gives us due to the mutations is that we can express our uniqueness. If nature permits us so much, why don’t we have a kind of mind set too. There is nothing wrong unless you feel yourself doing the right thing. This will increase our world socially, economically and all other aspects. There is no established fact that the person we are trying to imitate is next to perfect! This is why I say, girls, let’s be us!

8. Workout because you love your body and not because you hate it.

things to teach your daughter

Our body is very creatively designed. Perhaps I wonder what if we missed even one of these organs. We must nurture it like we nurture something we like the most. It’s the only thing we shall carry till out last breath. As I had earlier mentioned being one of a kind is all that is required in this world. Being fat or being thin should never bother you unless you start hating your body. Then is when we must really change our thinking.

9. Love and compassion are necessities and not luxuries.

things to teach your daughter

Love has bound this world. So girls if you find the right person for yourself, make sure you choose wisely. It’s not wrong to date different guys and then finds the right one, but it is necessary to choose wisely with thoughts to the decision. Love is not a luxury. This means that a girl should never depend on the guy to fulfill her demands.

10. The only thing that redeems humankind is the corporation.

things to teach your daughter

Women are blessed with a gift of corporation and adjustment. This is why the professions that require soft skills like teaching, nursing etc are generally considered for the women. Hence we must utilize our gift in a way that would benefit our society as a whole.

11. Your body is better than good enough, all that’s completely yours will be forever yours.

things to teach your daughter

As I already mentioned in one of the points, our body is the only thing that we shall carry entire our lifetimes. This means that we are the best of the kind the way we are. The stigmas and thresholds set by the society about racism are for the narrow-minded. These generations’ girls are born to rule!

12. Daydream.

things to teach your daughter

Researchers say that daydreaming makes life more colorful. It gives the zeal to get up and work on fulfilling them. Our daydreams reveal a lot about ourselves. It is the gateway to creativity. Daydreaming often solves our problems or gives a different perspective to the same. One realizes her fears, weaknesses etc and therefore can work further.

13. Love, live and take pictures!

things to teach your daughter

Taking pictures is the most favorite thing we do these days! It is fun and totally worthy to get obsessed over one’s own pictures. There is nothing wrong if we click 72 selfies and then select one. Though this may seem to be time-consuming it also helps girls live the moment, love her, and also gives her the perfect shot!

14. Follow your instinct. That is where your wisdom manifests.

things to teach your daughter

We girls get strong gut feeling which we also call as our sixth sense. Girls, never ignore them. They are called the sixth sense for a reason. Following them distinguishes you from the rest. Our wisdom is defined by how much we know ourselves.

15. The smartest thing a girl can ever do is to never depend on somebody to pay their bills.

things to teach your daughter

The times of childhood times are different. But as we grow up, we need to learn to live this world by our own strength. The fact is we were born alone and shall die alone too. And I believe solving problems by ourselves is the best gift we can give back to nature’s creativity- we.

16. Be your favorite.

things to teach your daughter

We must have watched how the female protagonist Geet in the movie Jab We Met how much she loved herself. It is indeed worth learning to be self-obsessed. This doesn’t make you selfish. Rather it builds confidence, self-esteem and personality skills. It helps to prove oneself to the world.

17. Prioritize yourself.

things to teach your daughter

There is I guess no need for me to explain how important to keep self, first.

18. Embrace change.

things to teach your daughter

Before girls transit into the stage of becoming a woman, there will be many hormonal, physical and mental changes to undergo. This is natural and must be embraced with great sensitivity. This includes the hormonal changes that we undergo during our periods. There are girls who find themselves abnormal. This is not the case. Just feel the glory of growing up ladies!

19. Discover your body.

things to teach your daughter

Our body has so many things that we may not know. Since I have emphasized so much about why one must love their bodies, I would also suggest you to know your bodies from head to toe. I am sure there are many things we haven’t yet discovered. So Ladies, discover yourself.

20. Make your parents proud.

Image result for girl with trophy with parents

Seeing us happy will give none the most happiness other than to our parents. Before we are tied with wedding knots, I say we must achieve something in our lives that will not only make ourselves proud, but also our parents happiest.

21. Learn to cook.

things to teach your daughter

Today’s generation girls don’t feel the need to learn cooking. Dear readers out there, I won’t say this is compulsory to learn to cook. All I am saying that there is this tradition being followed and we must keep that intact. Cooking is a skill and one must feel independent if she knows well how to cook!

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    your writing skills are praiseworthy. please write more.

    • Abhipsa Panda

      Thanks a lot Kartik Ojha! I await readers like like you!