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Importance of Vedic Maths & Abacus

Harshajith Harindran 2

As we grew up, numbers began to talk with us. For some, the digits were highly verbal. For some, they remained mute. But for yet others, the digits terrified them.  They haunted them. As an 8 shaped spider or a 9 shaped eerie cat in their nightmares. Hence were born maths phobic people. The amount of inferiority complex the arithmophobic kids face augments the number of cries they let out at the sight of a maths textbook.

So, is that their fate? Are the ones who dislike the subject just because they are terrified by the huge digits destined to live in isolation from numbers and suffer taunts from their parents forever? Find the best maths tutor right at your home.

Maths Phobia

Well, maybe not.  The world is not so bad after all, with Abacus and Vedic mathematics in it.

How Can Abacus Help Kids?

Abacus, a technique that was initially developed as a tool for basic counting, can change the course of your kid’s life. No, I’m not kidding. This is what abacus can do to your kid:

  • It can transform your maths phobic into a maths genius within a matter of months!
  • It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that once your kid undergoes a training in abacus, he can actually perform long and cumbersome maths problems, be it any addition, subtraction, multiplication or division within a matter of seconds, and that too faster that the calculator!
  • Yes, your kid who used to shy away at the sight of digits can actually do it!

Abacus can help in improving maths


  • Also, it is scientifically proven that along with developing marvelous speed and accuracy in arithmetic, training in abacus would help in the overall development of a child.
  • It opens up both the left and right regions of the brain, letting both creativity and logical thinking open up.
  • It increases concentration and learning skills of your kid, transforming him into whole new individual!

How can Vedic Maths help kids?

Vedic mathematics, on the other hand, is yet another love potion for maths. 

  • Long and time-consuming arithmetic operations can be done real quick through the time-tested shortcut methods of this ancient science.
  • Decoded from the Vedas, this technique of mathematics provides simpler methods to solve mathematical functions such as HCF and LCM.
  • It also lends a helping hand to your child, as he/she progresses to higher classes because Vedic maths always has a shorter way for solving quadratic and other polynomial functions and equations that one would encounter in higher grades.

Vedic Maths

Well, maybe it’s time. Your child should not suffer because of your sheer ignorance on easier and efficient methods of doing the maths. It is a wide world before him. And mathematics plays a very important role in it.

With Abacus and Vedic mathematics in your child’s hands, he can fearlessly and joyously open the door to the world of numbers.

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